Welcome to Digital Car Exchange

Digital Car Exchange is approved to convert real-world cars into digital copies known as Digital Car Tokens

Our digital copies are now available to buy as Non-fungible tokens

Every dreamt of owning a Pagani, Ferrari, Porsche? Well now you can own the digital copy.

Do you have a dream car garage? Now you can actually have a digital car garage!
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) make this possible.

The tokens are recognized digital assets and linked to Ethereum cryptocurrency. As a result each token is tradeable and investment ready.

If you know a thing or two about cars, investing and non-fungible tokens this is for you.

Every DCT is a digital replica of a real-world production car and is a one-of-one original. Every token is linked to the actual, real-world cars unique chassis number and includes an image of that exact car. Tokens are further limited to the maximum number of cars produced by the manufacturer. There are no artists impressions, interpretations, or mass-produced tokens available. Every token is a 1:1 original, issued (or in NFT speak, minted) just once. Once minted they are securely owned on the Ethereum blockchain. Retain the token, sell or trade it at any time. DCTs are desirable, collectible, tradeable and considered an asset with real liquidity value.

All our DCTs are approved for sale by the Digital Car Tokens program.  

Our tokens are able to be bought through of the NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rariable. Other platforms coming soon. 

Once a token is purchased it can be retained for as long as you choose, or sell or trade it at any time. 

DCTs are desirable, collectible, tradeable and considered an asset with real liquidity value.

The Digital Car Tokens Program and our digital trading tokens are truly unique and collectible and refreshingly not apes or monkeys.  

Read on to discover more. 

a selection of our approved

Digital Car Tokens

Token #85

for trading

Token #109


Token #453

for collecting

Token #128

for investment
or to share

Just like a traditional stock exchange...


2-Identify and buy the right token for you

3- Ether stock price increases so does your NFTs value

4- Market demand for your unique token? value increases

5- Trade, sell or retain.
The choice is yours.

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What is Digital Car Exchange?

We are a group of motoring enthusiasts. Whether racing, rallying, the drag strip, volunteering, club committees, or organizing events we have and continue to be involved. It’s our passion. We all grew up around cars with other enthusiasts and volunteers. 

When this exciting opportunity to be involved in the NFT Digital Car Tokens trading card program presented itself we jumped at it and the Group applied for and joined the Digital Car Token Registered Lister Program as a partner in late 2021. 

We offer a broad range of classic, modern, super/hyper cars as well as odd ball and themed digital cars to cater for all enthusiasts, investors and collectors. 

We hope you enjoy the collection as much as we did compiling it!  

We are Registered Lister #2103. 

We identify real-world cars and following research and investigation we convert the real world cars into a 1:1 unique digital car token copy. 

All our tokens are then approved by Digital Car Tokens (TM) program.  

As token creators we specifically identify real world cars that are unique, collectible and what we consider would be in demand for collectors, investors or traders. Our range/variety is always changing to suit market demand and feedback.  


 Detailed information on the Digital Car Tokens Program is available by clicking on the button below. 

Summarized information on the program is noted below

need more time?

Not sure just yet? We understand, NFTs and Digital Car Tokens are new.   

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the Community

& volunteering. 

As volunteers involved in local communities and car clubs we know first hand the importance of giving for the benefit of all. 

To support car clubs and other worthy causes we will donate tokens to be auctioned off for charity. All proceeds from the sale of the Charity Fund Raiser digital cars will go to community groups and not-for profits. 

The charity fund raising tokens are uniquely recognizable by their gold back ground.   

All fund raising tokens will be made available on one of the NFT marketplaces.

Proceeds will be published on this website.

We thank you in advance for your contribution.


Our first charity fund raiser

Token #51 

Listing commences 14th April.

All proceeds to be distributed amongst a host of international car clubs. 

Contract address



Yes, the team creates Digital Car Tokens. Once drafted they are assessed and approved. Once we are issued with the approval we are able to list them via a NFT marketplace for sale.   

The Digital Car Tokens Program (DCT) manages/administers the assessment and issuing of Digital Car Tokens (www.digitalcartokens.com) through their program Partners, who are called Registered Listers. We are a Registered Lister partner (#2103) of the program and approved to sell the non-fungible digital car tokens.  

Yes, we do get this question often.

The tokens are 1:1 because we use the real-world cars chassis number to link it to the digital token. As you probably know no two cars have the same chassis number. The car you see pictured on a token is the real-world car and not a drawing or artists representation. Its the actual car. 

The Charity tokens are gold to identify them fore ever as charity-fund raising token. They have all the same attributes as other DCT tokens and are minted on the blockchain once purchased. If you happen to buy one, thankyou. You can keep the token or re-sell it later. Any subsequent sales are yours to keep.  

Yes, with a twist. The Digital Car Tokens are like traditional trading cards. The difference here is that the tokens are non-fungible tokens and once minted are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. Each token is unique identified by its real-world chassis number and is a true 1:1 copy of the real-world car. Only one token per chassis can be approved. Supply is limited by actual production numbers declared by the manufacturer. The tokens are very much tradeable. 

Identify your dream car, procure it and retain it in your portfolio, just like a dream car garage.  

No. Because the token is a 1:1 and not copied or duplicated  it can only be offered for sale at one NFT marketplace at a time.  

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