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Buying Digital Car Tokens that we have created is really simple. All our tokens for sale are listed on selected Non-fungible token marketplaces. You don’t buy tokens direct from us, as we are not able to mint them to the blockchain. 

If you have a compatible digital wallet with one of the NFT market places where we list tokens your ready to go. 

Click on a marketplace link below to have a look. Look under Trading cards to find if we have any tokens listed. If there are none listed, try the alternative marketplace. If they also don’t have any listed they may be sold out. If this is the case don’t worry, additional tokens are released towards the end of each week. 

Before you buy we recommend you read the additional information detailed below to make sure you are buying an authentic token from us. 

Further information is noted below in the FAQ. If you have any questions please let us know. 


Source: The Motley Fool

Our DCT tokens are listed at the following marketplaces

Click on one of the following links and search in trading cards

Looking for something special or unique?

We can help. 

Our team looks to convert a diverse variety of real-world cars into 1:1 digital versions. 

As enthusiasts we know you may have a special or unique car in mind that has not been converted by us or anyone else yet. 

Ever heard of a Lancia Hyena Zagato? Neither had we until we got asked. Unfortunately, not all cars can be converted into digital replicas. If you have something in mind let us know and we can let you know if we can source it and convert it into a digital copy. 

We are also able to reserve tokens for off-market sales. Again, let us know if you have something in mind by filling the form our below and we will be in touch.    

You can always contact the team for further information. 

We here to help you secure your digital car and build a portfolio. 

Get In touch

Before you buy- check for authenticity

our registration

Does the token have our name- Digital Car Exchange? Does it have our Registered Lister #2103 number?

chassis number

Is the chassis number listed and unique?

Does the token have the Digital CAr Tokens label?

If it does not have it, its a fake. The label is copyright protected and all approved tokens must have it.

DCT token reference number

Cross check the unique token number, chassis and make and model are on the approved list at

If its not on the list its a fake.

Note: you may see other Tokens listed for sale on NFT marketplaces that look different to ours. This is probably OK as other Registered Listers can create their own tokens in their own styles. Regardless of the creator all tokens must have the token number, label, chassis number and Registered Listers details on the token.

If your not sure if its an original check via the link above or send us an email and we can confirm before you proceed to purchase.
If you buy a fake token we are not able to refund.


Yes, that is correct. We do not sell NFT’s, we only create them and then make them available for purchase.

No is the quick answer. There are checks and protocols that need to be satisfactorily completed before a car can be converted. If one of the protocols cannot be met then it cannot be converted. 

Further info at 

It really is a surprise…Each token’s ULC includes standard content as the first time purchaser (when bought from us the first time) and not available to future purchasers should you sell at a later date. 

We also run secret promotions to thank our purchasers and some of our purchasers are in for a treat in April!

Let us know via email and we will take appropriate action to investigate. 

We will let you know outcome asap. 

All purchasers of NFTs from NFT marketplaces are subject to the marketplace’s terms and conditions. We suggest you familiarize yourself with their terms and conditions before buying. 

We cannot refund any token purchased on any NFT platform.