Our tokens are unique in so many ways

Our team has collaboratively created a diverse mix of approved tokens to suit everyone’s interests and collections. 

We have secured tokens for in demand cars, cars with very special providence as well as a mix of affordable and odd ball cars, representing some of our teams  unique interests and humour. 

Every car offers potential purchasers the opportunity to collect their dream cars, whether its for investment, trading, or just for the fun of it. 

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in demand

You probably guessed correct.

Ferrari’s and in particular 288 GTO, F40 and F50.

Movie cars and those with special providence rate well. 


Just 349 real-world produced.

Very rare and challenging to convert into digital copies. 

Special providence:  Token #435

This is Australian racing jegend Peter Brock’s own VK Group A Commodore. 

Recently sold in 2021 for over $1M

exclusive to the exchange

We love finding these beauties.

The Risky Business Porsche 928 movie car and hero muscle cars.


Token 433

The Risky Business Porsche 928 Movie car

Token #221

Australian icon

modern classic

Modern classics are trending. The questions is will they appreciate in value and be in demand?

Time will tell and the astute purchaser may already know. 

We will keep looking for these gems.   

Token #514

Group A Touring Car homologation 

Token #518

Japanese cult car and Group A racing hero


How about the James Bond Spectre Defender?

Or the Colin McRae Ford Focus WRC?


Whilst most of our cars are collectible in the NFT format some are just that much more collectible. These are great example of these cars. 

Always looking for more. 

Token #526

Spectre Movie Car

Token #524

Ex- Colin McRae Ford Focus


Exotic, always in demand and tradable. Collectors looking to build a dream car garage.

Collectibles are always on our list. 

Token #12

Very rare P1 GTR

Token #109



Always interesting and unique often in their own special way. 

We will keep looking for these classic beauties!

Token #516

25th Anniversary Countach

Token #2

Classic GTB in a rare colour

historic & Vintage

The historic/vintage cars are some of our favorites. Researching these historic cars is a joy and information overload. 

More to come just for the thrill of researching and converting them into digital copies.

Approved Token #4

The Ex- Malcolm Campbell 1933 LeMans. Classic with outstanding providence. 

Token #3

Extremely rare and desirable. 

oh so desirable

A memory from the past, or just something that you have always wanted. 

The team each have their own dream car garage and we hope to provide more in the future for your dream car garage. 

Token #117

911 RS Touring

Token #56



Our charity tokens are identified in gold. 

All proceeds go to nominated charities and not-for profits. The charity/not for profit is declared on the token at time of sale. 

Token #51

Aston Martin Vulcan -chassis 15 of just 24 produced. Super rare and one for the collectors. 

This is our first charity auction car. Available  from 6th April.

Token #74

Ex Rod Stewart Lambo Miura. 

Do a search online. Classic B&W photo of this car in his driveway. Really cool. We hope it does well at auction. 

Coming early April. 

more tokens coming

 We have many more tokens currently being researched or awaiting approval. 

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We release a batch of tokens on each market place towards the end of each week. Some weeks its a dozen or more and other weeks less. 

Some of the approved Series 1 releases & available for purchase
from 14th April

Ex- Malcolm Campbell


Charity fund raiser

so rare and in demand

Ex- Peter Brock (Aus)

Australian icon

Rare and unique

our tokens are for sale at the following NFT marketplaces


Just like the real-world we are seeing Ferrari F40’s being popular as well as other hi profile Ferrari’s. Astute investors are getting into cars with unique and collectible providence such the ex-Peter Brock (Australia) car, Colin McRae Ford Focus WRC, movie cars and award winning cars. 

We recommend you seek professional advice when investing. 

For long term investment consider tokens with low/limited production numbers like the Ferrari F50, potential future demand and collectability as well as cars that can become part of a series collection eg Ferrari 288 GTO-F40-F50-Enzo-LaFerrari.  We would suggest looking into cars that have links to movies, or with real prestige & provenance. 

Some less obvious gems also exist and an experienced car enthusiast will be able to appreciate which ones they are. 

Under the DCT program rules we can set the price of each token based on the real world value of the car and market conditions. Typically tokens reflect 0.3-5% of the real-world cars value.  

We are not sure as we don’t control the DCT program. As a RL we receive updates and notification. We expect that the 1000 tokens generated and approved threshold for S1 will occur pretty quickly. This will then enable more token to be released. S1 and S2 tokens can be sold at the same time. 

The categories shown above are just representations of some typical cars grouped together to illustrate the diversity of whats available. Some enthusiasts or investors are only after particular cars. We wanted to show that there are always unique and interesting cars being made available.